Important to know:

AETRControl has carried out important tests

Cases detected by AETRControl

  • The card was thrown by the tachograph
  • The card was not thrown by the tachograph
  • If the card was not ejected by the tachograph, the equipment still recorded cardless driving!
  • In all cases invalid cardless driving was recorded by the equipment
  • The driver card did not record any data

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the card stays in, all cards expire on the above date!

The situation is complicated by the fact that some tachograph types such as Continental Automotive GmbH (VDO))2223 versions of the software produced for VOLVO do not check the expiry of their official certification and therefore continue to work correctly.

Tachograph types tested by AETRControl:

  • VDO 1.2
  • EFAS 4.8
  • VDO 2.1
  • VDO 2.2
  • VDO 4 (SMART)
  • Stoneridge (SMART)

Please do the following!

  • If your card author validity has expired, you should order an urgent replacement,
  • Have a driver card, certificate of replacement
  • Make a print out every day, fill it in and write a table
  • Keep the printouts for 28 days, then hand them in to your company

Before departure, check the official validity of your card on AETRControl.

Large system and Mini Manager also suitable for monitoring