The appearance of SMART (Satellite) Tachographs and G2 driver cards create a new situation for those handling and evaluating datas from such sources.

• Remote downloading G2 devices doesn’t require further development. If you read out SMART tachographs/driver cards remotely, you will only need development work done, if your system verifies TREP IDs.

• When remote downloading G2 driver cards through G2 SMART tachographs, you have to keep in mind, that the amount of data will increase from the 26 Kb to 67 Kb.

The SMART (G2) tachographs / driver cards have a new and changed data structure. Not everyone is prepared for that change!

AETRControl KFT’s system handles G2 datas and works with a 99,99% legal compliance in terms of driving time and rest time evaluation or driving time planning, if needed. Our system is capable of receiving data multiple times a day and provides real time planning.

Based on the accurate legal compliance, if a company or a driver gets fined and our system displayed otherwise, we’ll help you appeal.

With our help you can broaden your service with driver card and tachograph data evaluation through the AETRControl API and secure your market position.


The application of our API is simply using this code snippet:

{terminal_id”:”xxxxxx”, //terminal identifier for customer

“filename”:”C_20190902_0610_A_Surname_HUG0000x00xxxx.ddd”, //.ddd file name

“driver_id”:” HUG0000x00xxxx “, //card identifier

“filedata”:”xxxx”, // base64 encoded content of ddd file

“requested_by”,”abcd”} //requester identifier for device

More information about our evaluation system:

Tachograph data evaluator