AETRControl Professional Tachograph Evaluator

    AETRControl is an Internet-based subscription tachograph data evaluation system that evaluates tachograph discs, G1, G2 driver cards and tachograph data in accordance with current legislation.

    Our Services for Business

    Tachograph data evaluator

    Driver card, tachograph reading even with a mobile phone

    Time and attendance records

    Planning, control


    Devices that can be adapted to our system

    Micro C card reader

    For Android devices that support OTG!

    / HUF + VAT

    Micro USB card reader

    For Android devices that support OTG!

    / HUF + VAT

    ACS USB card reader

    PC, Laptop

    / HUF + VAT

    Front tachograph reader

    Bluetooth tachograph interface.

    / HUF + VAT

    ACS Bluetooth card reader

    For iOS devices. & nbsp;

    / HUF + VAT

    AETRControl Mini Manager

    The solution for drivers!

    What are the benefits of using it?

    • You can check the decision of the authority on the spot!
    • You can make the most of your working time without risk!
    • Your driving data will be more important than your tachograph!
    • You can download a driver card anywhere in Europe!
    • Complete legislation treatment will help you!
    • Use it to avoid violations!

    Why do you need AETRControl Mini Manager?

    • Because you can fulfill your 28-day download obligation with your mobile!
    • You can always see how much you can drive and when you need to relax!
    • You can check if they rightly want to punish you!

    What do you need to work?

    • Android mobile phone with at least Android 4 version or later.
    • Internet data connection via mobile internet or wifi (maximum 2 MB per month).
    • Card reader provided by AETRControl.
    • AETRControl Mini Manager subscription

    Try it out for 30 days for free!

    • Download the AETRControl Mini Manager from the play store!
    • Connect the card reader!
    • Check your current driving and rest time!
    • See how much more you can drive / relax!
    • Check your violations!

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